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Metabolite Identification and Profiling

Assessing a drug candidate’s metabolic profile early in the discovery process offers insight into its metabolic clearance pathways in both pre-clinical species and humans. Q2 Solutions’ global bioanalytical and ADME laboratory network offers a range of liquid chromatography/ mass spectrometry services to support discovery and development metabolite identification and profiling.

Specific capabilities using high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) include:

  • Metabolite profiling and identification using liver microsomes or hepatocytes, as well as novel hepatocyte co-culture models for profiling slowly metabolized drug candidates 
  • Exploratory profiling using unlabeled drug in preclinical and human clinical samples
  • Radio-profiling of both preclinical and human clinical samples
  • Reactive intermediate screens evaluating glutathione/cyanide trapping drug candidates (microsomes)

ADME Assays & Metabolite Profiling

To explore how Q2 Solutions can partner to characterize metabolites in your study:

A full range of bioanalytical services, including metabolic stability, enzyme identification, metabolite identification, metabolite absorption, metabolite stability assays, and drug-drug interaction assessments - ranging from highly automated screens to definitive studies that enable regulatory submission.