Innovation and acquisition strategy

Our Brands

Our growth strategy is a carefully calibrated blend of in-house innovation and strategic acquisitions, aimed at providing our clients with access to the latest scientific capabilities, solutions, and expertise.


Our dedicated team of researchers and scientists continuously strive to develop pioneering solutions in drug discovery and development laboratory services. By nurturing an environment that fosters creativity and cutting-edge research, we ensure that our in-house innovations remain at the forefront of the industry. In parallel, we strategically identify and acquire companies that complement our strengths and expand our laboratory portfolio, allowing us to access new technologies, talent, and knowledge.


This approach guarantees that our clients benefit from a comprehensive range of services, supported by the most up-to-date advancements and a diverse pool of expertise. By striking a harmonious balance between in-house innovation and strategic acquisitions, we position ourselves to meet the ever-evolving demands of the life sciences sector and deliver unparalleled value to our clients.


Our sub-brands include:


Patient samples are the lifeblood of your clinical trials. Labmatrix®, our unique software solution tracks these samples through their lifecycle across the ecosystem of sites, labs, biorepositories, and other trial partners. BioFortis is an industry leader in providing technology supporting the sample tracking needs of research organizations.


Our core competency is in providing an overarching technology platform that allows an organization to conduct its sample related daily business in a more efficient fashion. Labmatrix provides comprehensive sample life cycle support for in-study sample/consent management and tracking including future use virtual or physical biorepositories and data mining.


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Nexelis provides biopharma clients with industry leading support for therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines, as well as bioanalytical testing, and early development for immunogenicity and efficacy.


Nexelis’ services are complementary to Q2 Solutions’ regional and global clinical trial laboratory capabilities. By combining our organizations, we are able to leverage our combined scientific talent to address the vaccine and immunology needs of our clients while offering end to end clinical trial testing services.  

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ImmunXperts helps customers advance therapeutic candidates from discovery to pre-investigational new drugs (pre-IND) and exploratory clinical stages. Our team provides trusted immunogenicity assessment services, including in vitro and in silico methods, as well as MHC-associated peptide proteomics (MAPPS) and anti-drug antibody (ADA) assays. ImmunXperts is experienced across all molecule types and with new modalities such as novel anti-oncolytic molecules, cell and gene therapy products, monoclonal antibodies (mAb) bispecific antibodies, new antibody formats, small molecules, and broad reagent materials.

ImmunXperts expands Q2 Solutions offerings in discovery sciences through functional screening assays for immuno-oncology candidates and risk assessment and mitigation of drug candidates’ immunogenicity profiles. A trusted leader in supporting immuno-oncology drug discovery, ImmunXperts has evaluated a range of immune checkpoint inhibitors and advances approximately 100 molecules a year to the next phase of development.

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Rules-Based Medicine

Rules-Based Medicine (RBM) has spent more than 20 years developing and manufacturing multiplex immunoassays validated to clinical laboratory standards for Luminex xMAP® technology.  Since 2014, RBM has applied these skills to building ultrasensitive immunoassays on the Simoa™ platform to quantify protein biomarkers previously challenging to measure. The RBM platform combines Luminex and Simoa microsphere-based immunoassays with the precision of automated liquid handling systems, advanced quality monitoring, and validated data reporting processes. These features help RBM provide high-quality, cost-effective approaches to measuring biomarkers from a variety of biological samples. 

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Specifica is an antibody engineering laboratory specializing in antibody discovery , optimization and creation of exceptional antibody libraries. Our patented Generation 3 platform yields drug-like antibodies directly from selections, minimizing the need for downstream affinity and biophysical engineering, while next-generation sequencing provides quality control at all steps of construction and validation.  Specifica also offers full platform transfers of exclusive antibody libraries, each created from a unique donor set not used for libraries for any other client to ensure that each Generation 3 library is one of a kind. Specifica’s Generation 3 platform can also be employed for affinity maturation and developability optimization services of existing antibody therapeutics.  

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