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In Vitro Screening

In Vitro screening plays a critical role in drug candidate optimization of ADME properties. Identifying the most promising drug candidates upfront accelerates the development cycle, reduces costs, streamlines the drug discovery pipeline, and guides subsequent pre-clinical and clinical studies. Q2 Solutions’ highly automated in vitro ADME laboratory offers a range of high-throughput ADME screening services to support the lead optimization stage of drug discovery, including assays for metabolic stability, cell permeability, and risk assessment for inhibiting cytochrome P450 enzymes.

ADME screening bundles and LC/MS bioanalytical capabilities can support your in vitro and pharmacokinetic (PK) testing

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Early Hit-to-Lead ADME Screening Bundle

Bundled screening assays to accelerate candidate selection in drug discovery

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High Throughput ADME Services

Capabilities that accelerate preclinical studies

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