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Our Approach

In today’s rapidly evolving scientific landscape, central laboratories stand as a key contributor of research and diagnostics. To navigate the ever-changing terrain of scientific innovation, central laboratories require a well-defined strategic vision. By aligning with market needs, investing in technology and talent, ensuring quality and compliance, and fostering innovation, Q2 Solutions can not only survive but thrive in an ever-changing scientific landscape.  

Informed by our vision to enable smarter treatments through smarter data and our mission to improve patient lives by treating each sample as if a life depends on it, the four strategic pillars of the Q2 Solutions strategy aim to address macroeconomic and industry trends. 
  • Commit to customer success: Our success as a company hinges upon our service excellence program, a comprehensive companywide program designed to assure continuous improvement of service delivery. Service excellence starts internally with a focus on employee engagement and optimization of how internal groups work together, but ultimately the service excellence program aims to assure we deliver projects and solutions on time and on budget with high customer and investigator site satisfaction. Another part of our service excellence program and our commitment to customer success is our investment in customer relationships, including fit for purpose governance and partnerships. The specific elements of our partnership models vary depending on the sponsor’s needs, but hallmarks of our strategic partnerships include a set of operating principles and common language with senior level oversight responsible for account management and service delivery aimed at assuring quality, generating costs savings, improving processes, and enabling innovation.
  • Deliver with exceptional quality every time: According to the Quality Management Principles1, published by ISO (International Organization for Standardization), “The primary focus of quality management is to meet customer requirements and to strive to exceed customer expectations.” Our focus on delivering with exceptional quality every time has been instrumental in the formation of our overarching quality management system (QMS). Our QMS has established quality metrics and continuous improvement programs, with a laser focus on simplifying the way we work. Our quality related strategic pillar also includes capitalizing on our process improvement culture, as well as a focus on sustainability, including our work in achieving and maintaining My Green Lab standards. My Green Lab is a non-profit environmental organization with a mission to build a global culture of sustainability in science.
  • Differentiate with therapeutic expertise, science, and technology: We aim to be at the forefront of genomics, flow cytometry, immunoassay, anatomic pathology, and other laboratory techniques, to deliver innovative solutions, and to continuously invest in our people, facilities, laboratory capabilities, and operational acumen. We deploy scientific advisors to consult with our customers on protocol design, assay development, and companion diagnostic development to assist in decision making around the approach to laboratory testing. We align our solutions around therapeutic areas, assure our laboratories meet customer needs over time, supplement our internal capabilities with a network of partners, champion patient centric approaches, like the self-collection of biological samples, and drive efficiency and sample and consent tracking through digital innovation. In addition to our organic investments in people, technology, and facilities, we actively seek out inorganic investments to expand our capabilities and capacity to meet customer needs. Over the past few years, we have acquired companies focused on multiplexing immunoassay, immunogenicity testing, vaccine testing, and drug discovery.
  • Be the employer of choice: Our employer of choice strategy pillar revolves around the concept that employee satisfaction drives employee retention and productivity, which in turn drives customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. As such our Employee Value Proposition encompasses our shared purpose, the environment we strive to create and four principles that define our employee experience. (1) Passion – We make an impact. We are passionate about the work we do and advancing patient health. (2) Innovation – We innovate. We are curious, think creatively, and bring new ideas to life. (3) Collaboration – We bring out the best in each other. Our inclusive environment enables greater impact when we work together. (4) Growth – We are always learning. Flexible careers and supportive leaders give us the ability to explore and grow in new ways.

The right people.  The right solutions.


Though the size, cost, and complexity of trials may vary, our commitment to our partners does not.  Our experienced team blends seamlessly into your organization, providing the solutions and support needed to realize the full value of your project.

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