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Specialty Laboratory Testing

With laboratory services that span the development lifecycle and industry-leading scientists with extensive drug development experience, Q2 Solutions can help you simplify and align co-development strategies to speed development and increase probability of regulatory and commercial success.

Our services include


We are a clinical genomics service provider with comprehensive genomic services to support drug discovery, translational medicine, clinical development, and precision medicine including CDx.

Bioanalytical (small and large molecule)

From high-throughput ADME screening services and human clearance predictions to support drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics studies to drug-drug interaction testing and metabolite profiling to support clinical safety, the Q2 Solutions global network offers solutions to support every phase of drug discovery and development.


As an industry leader clinical trial laboratory services, Q2 Solutions can help you make informed development decisions about your drug candidates by offering an array of high-throughput ADME screening and DMPK services that use validated bioanalytical methods to support candidate identification and characterization.

Rules-Based Medicine Biomarker Testing

Rules-Based Medicine is the world’s leading multiplexed immunoassay testing laboratory that solves complex drug development challenges with innovative biomarker services and a novel whole blood immunophenotyping device.

Translational Science and Innovation Laboratory (TSAIL)

Translational biomarker solutions to accelerate the adoption of assays into clinical trials though new technology evaluation and early biomarker discovery.


Our vaccine laboratory services are supported by global, comprehensive central laboratory services to meet your development needs across the entire vaccine development life cycle.

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