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Protein Sciences

Our protein sciences team provides optimized solutions to generate recombinant proteins and antibodies that are customized, well-characterized, quality products for a wide variety of applications. Our broad suite of protein and antibody services are supported by a dedicated team that works closely with you from concept through delivery. You receive proteins tailored to your specifications in scale, purity, activity, and other analytical characteristics — on a timeline that meets your needs.

We welcome complex projects including de novo design, construction, purification, and analytical characterization of novel proteins and antibodies. From pseudo-particles to monoclonal antibodies, our team is experienced in the preparation of immunologic tools and in the purification of a wide range of proteins including large, complex molecules produced in optimal expression platforms.  The protein sciences team works as a stand-alone offering or can be integrated with our bioanalytical, vaccine and clinical testing groups utilizing these reagents in a variety of non-clinical and clinical endpoints.  

Our approach starts with the customer and their specific needs and goals. Our scientists and operations teams work together to deliver exceptional products in a timely manner while meeting our stringent quality parameters.


Exceptional Science

  • Broad experience providing recombinant proteins with high purity, high bioactivity, and high binding affinity
  • Different protein expression systems:
    • Mammalian cells (expi and CHO cells), baculovirus, yeast, E. coli, cell-free system
  • Experience with difficult to expression proteins, including viral, bacterial or human proteins, hetero-oligomers, lipoproteins and particles-forming proteins (VLP, pseudotypes virus)
  • Product-specific purification strategies using a combination of techniques with complementary selectivity
  • Stringent quality parameters to ensure stability and reproducibility using an orthogonal evaluation of protein related key parameters

Wide-range of protein classes including:

  • Amine transferase
  • Nitrogenase
  • Sialidase
  • Protease
  • Cystein proteinase
  • Viral, bacterial, human proteins
  • Intracellular protein
  • Integral Membrane protein
  • Native protein
  • Surface protein
  • Complex / multimeric proteins
  • Lipoproteins
  • Antibodies
  • Hetero-oligomer proteins
  • Particle-forming proteins (i.e. VLPs)
  • Receptor (nicotine acetyl choline)
  • Ion channels

Service Expertise

  • Flexible and custom solutions to meet your unique needs
  • Personalized strategy to ensure quality and consistency of delivered material and best fit to client’s key quality attributes
  • Internal processes to ensure scalable products
  • Integrated with our bioanalytical, vaccine and other discovery teams

Our Protein Sciences group supports drug discovery and development through:

Critical Reagent Generation Characterization Stability
Customized antibody or protein reagents based on client needs Assessment of critical parameters based on physico-chemical and biological properties using orthogonal approaches Monitoring key parameters over time
Rapid access to custom products  Confirmation of quality, robustness, and reproducibility (key quality attributes) Rapid detection of any changes in the reagent
  Certificate of analysis Reduces project risk

Our approach helps you reduce costs and expedite discovery.

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