Driving continuous improvements

Clinical development study teams must contend with many challenges and complexities in developing and executing clinical trials. We have deployed innovative solutions, and are developing various initiatives, to support our customers and their study teams.


These initiatives are categorized as:

Digital Innovation

At Q² Solutions, we have a dedicated Digital Innovation department focused on driving operational improvements and quality of our services. Using the Labmatrix® platform, a BioFortis (a Q² Solutions Company) technology, we’ve helped create agile and impactful solutions across the organization with the underpinnings of traceability, productivity, quality, and efficiency.


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Innovation Laboratories

In the summer of 2021, Q² Solutions opened a new state of the art, custom designed laboratory space, known as Q² Solutions Innovation Laboratories. Located on the new IQVIA Innovation Park Campus, in the heart of the dynamic Research Triangle Park in central North Carolina, this facility creates an innovative scientific community that includes multiple laboratory disciplines from service lines including Large Molecule Bioanalytical, Vaccines Center of Excellence, Genomics Center of Excellence and Translational Science and Innovation Laboratory (TSAIL).


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Digital Innovation

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