Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Turning hope into help

It all starts with the patient. With the need to ease the anxieties associated with critical moments in their lives. All over the world, from big cities to small towns, there are patients, families, and loved ones all hoping for treatments and cures.


Huge advances in technologies, like genomics, have catalyzed incredible advances in the biopharmaceutical industry. Today it’s possible not just to treat the symptoms of rare diseases but to treat the causes too. Cures, which as recently as a decade ago were thought impossible, have become a reality.


While the capacity to handle millions of samples at a time is critical for clinical trial laboratories, the key to success is the ability to find the solution to the exceptions, the rare cases. To handle these exceptions takes a rare company. It takes Q2 Solutions. Our competitive edge isn’t just through our industry-leading science, our partnership approach, or in our innovative solutions; it’s found in the unique combination of all three. Like a complex molecule, we solve problems that couldn’t have been attempted before.


With the support of our strategic partners and customers, who comprise the world’s largest biopharmaceutical companies as well as hundreds of others, we continue to push the boundaries of science and innovation in the clinical trial laboratory space. Though the size, cost, and complexity of trials may vary, our commitment to our partners does not. Whatever your needs, however complex the problem, we stand ready to partner with you to develop the solution. Our experience in supporting complex trials with cutting-edge laboratory solutions is exceptional, but most importantly, we are motivated by the work that needs to done – because it’s not just a clinical trial, it’s someone’s life.


A life depends on every sample we come in contact with. There are patients out there hoping for a cure. Together, we turn that hope into help.

Industry Leading Science

At the forefront of genomics, flow cytometry, anatomic pathology, and other laboratory techniques, we’ve been delivering cutting-edge solutions since day one, with a continuous investment in our extensive testing capabilities. Our scientific advisors are at your disposal to consult with on protocol design, assay development, and companion diagnostic development, helping to assure there’s no delay in your decision making.

  • Global translational science labs performing de novo assay development and validation
  • Expert team of scientific advisors across therapeutic areas and technologies
  • Fully harmonized testing capabilities from routine safety testing to highly complex cutting-edge biomarker testing.

Partnership Approach

Whether you work with us on a single study or a hundred studies, we want to help you achieve the results you need as fast as you need them now and in the future. The specific elements of our partnership models vary depending on the sponsor’s needs, but hallmarks of our strategic partnerships include a set of operating principles and common language with senior level oversight responsible for account management and service delivery aimed at assuring quality, generating costs savings, improving processes, and enabling innovation.

  • Experienced strategic partner
  • Continuous process improvement strategies
  • Joint investment and relationship management

Innovative Solutions

Utilizing our innovation engine, geared toward driving digital, scientific, and operational improvements, we partner with you to help unlock the true value of your project or portfolio. It’s one of the many reasons our client relationships continue to thrive.

  • Dedicated innovation teams driving continuous improvement
  • Innovative technologies supporting flexible study design and reporting
  • Innovation is embedded in all we do

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