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Environmental Social Governance

My Green Lab: Building a Culture of Sustainability

Q2 Solutions is driven by our mission of Turning Hope into Help for patients worldwide and we recognize that sustainability is a key component in achieving this. As an IQVIA company, Q2 Solutions’ sustainability initiatives are connected to the broader Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) efforts of IQVIA. Learn more about IQVIA’s overall approach to sustainability and read the latest ESG Report.


My Green Lab Program

My Green Lab is a nonprofit organization that specializes in helping companies develop sustainability programs that target reduction in energy, waste, and water. The My Green Lab program focuses on continuous improvement to reduce the environmental impact of laboratories by integrating key sustainability topics through day-to-day operations. The program focuses on key cultural aspects such as, communication, engagement, and participation of our employees without disrupting the critical work underway.


Recognized by the United Nations Race to Zero campaign as a key measure of progress towards a zero-carbon future, My Green Lab Certification is considered the gold standard for laboratory sustainability best practices around the world. Laboratories present special challenges, and this program help us focus on these challenges and key environmental aspects such as, cold storage, green chemistry, energy infrastructure, waste & recycling, and water consumption.

Q2 Solutions plans to achieve My Green Lab Certification at all labs globally. Below are some highlighted achievements across our laboratories:

  • Freezer Challenge participation 2022 and 2023- designed to promote best practices in cold storage management for laboratories around the world to achieve greater energy efficiency, sample integrity and sample access.
  • Reduction of waste
  • Reduction of water consumption
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Reduction of environmental impacts of test kits

Ithaca achieves GOLD level certification
Edinburgh achieves BRONZE level certification
Mumbai achieves GREEN level certification
Beijing achieves GREEN level certification
Singapore achieves PLATINUM level certification
Indianapolis achieves GOLD level certification (ADME Lab)
Santa Fe, NM achieves GREEN level certification (BioA Lab)
Tokyo achieves GREEN level certification
Valencia achieves GREEN level certification
Buenos Aires achieves GREEN level certification
Marietta achieves SILVER level certification
Laval achieves GOLD level certification
Austin, TX achieves BRONZE level certification
Durham, NC achieves BRONZE level certification
Belgium achieves PLATINUM level certification
Germany achieves PLATINUM level certification

My Green Lab Certifications awarded to-date:


Building a Culture of Sustainability