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In Vitro Metabolism

The ADME assay development pipeline includes in vitro ADME assays that are necessary once a lead candidate has been selected. The safety profile of a drug candidate will depend partly on its interactions with other drugs, especially those that may be administered concomitantly in standard-of-care treatment. Assessing the risks of possible drug-interactions using validated bioanalytical methods is thus an essential early step in the candidate development process. Q2 Solutions offers a suite of in vitro assays to support drug-drug interaction testing, including cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzyme inhibition (IC50), time-dependent CYP inhibition, induction of CYP enzymes, and CYP reaction phenotyping. All in vitro metabolism assay results are presented in fully QC-reviewed, regulatory-style reports to support filing of IND applications.


Assessing Drug-Drug Interaction Risks

Drug-drug interaction testing provides a definitive assessment of these risks and should be performed early after selection of a lead candidate

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Assessing your Drug-Drug Interaction Testing Risk Assessing your Drug-Drug Interaction Testing Risk

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