Bioanalytical Services

Q2 Solutions understands that bringing a promising drug candidate to market requires a well-planned strategy that incorporates sensitive, specific, and validated assays to inform development decisions. As such, our highly trained scientists apply leading-edge technologies, automated platforms, and state-of-the-art techniques to support a wide range of bioanalytical services and ADME services.


From high-throughput ADME screening services and human clearance predictions to support drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics studies to drug-drug interaction testing and metabolite profiling to support clinical safety, the Q2 Solutions global network offers solutions to support every phase of drug discovery and development.


Our bioanalysis services include:

  • In vitro ADME screening assays and discovery and development metabolite identification services that enable rapid drug discovery ADME property optimization and regulatory filings
  • Bioanalytical liquid chromatography mass spectrometry services for the quantitative determination of small molecule drugs and macromolecule therapeutics to support pharmacokinetic (PK) testing
  • Immunoassay services, including ELISA, MSD, ECL, and neutralizing antibody assays to facilitate pharmacokinetic (PK) testing and immunogenicity testing
  • Biomarker assays using LC/MS analysis and ligand-binding assays to quantitate biomarkers in biologic matrices.


In addition to specific services detailed in the sections below, Q2 Solutions can provide bundled services for discovery and regulatory-phase packages to enable decision-making at each step of the development process.

Our integrated drug metabolism solutions include high-throughput screening assays, human clearance predictions, drug-drug interaction risk assessments and metabolite profiling to support clinical safety.

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