Regulated Bioanalytical Services

Bringing expertise and reliability to every phase of drug discovery and development

Q2 Solutions operates one of the world's largest and most respected bioanalytical and ADME laboratory networks. From our global locations, we serve many of the largest pharmaceutical, specialty pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Our highly trained and experienced scientists utilize a range of leading-edge technology, automation, and state-of-the-art techniques. 


From high-throughput ADME screening services and human clearance predictions to support drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics studies to drug-drug interaction testing and metabolite profiling to support clinical safety, the Q2 Solutions global network offers solutions to support every phase of drug discovery and development.


How we can support your needs:

  • In vitro ADME screening assays and discovery and development metabolite identification services that enable rapid drug discovery ADME property optimization and regulatory filings
  • Bioanalytical liquid chromatography mass spectrometry services for the quantitative determination of small molecule drugs and macromolecule therapeutics to support pharmacokinetic (PK) testing
  • Immunoassay services, including ELISA, MSD, ECL, and neutralizing antibody assays to facilitate pharmacokinetic (PK) testing and immunogenicity testing
  • Biomarker assays using LC/MS analysis and ligand-binding assays to quantitate biomarkers in biologic matrices.


In addition. Q2 Solutions can provide bundled services for discovery and regulatory-phase packages to enable decision-making at each step of the development process.

Our integrated drug metabolism solutions include high-throughput screening assays, human clearance predictions, drug-drug interaction risk assessments and metabolite profiling to support clinical safety.

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