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Validated Assays

Your Trusted Bioanalytical Partner

With over 30 years of expertise in bioanalytical services, Q2 Solutions is your go-to resource for robust methods that support every stage of drug discovery and development. Our team has meticulously developed and validated assays for a wide range of applications, including:

  • ADME Screening and Testing: Assessing drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion.
  • Metabolite Identification: Uncovering critical metabolites during discovery and development.
  • Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism: Understanding how drugs behave in the body.
  • Immunogenicity Testing: Evaluating immune responses to biologics.
  • Biomarker Analysis and Characterization: Identifying key markers for precision medicine.
  • Biosimilars Testing: Ensuring safety and efficacy of biosimilar products.

Our methodologies cover the spectrum, including LC-MS bioanalysis, LC-MS/MS analysis, hybrid LC-MS assays, and immunoassay and MS-based biomarker assays. Before validation, each assay undergoes a rigorous pre-qualification process, where our scientists review preliminary data and make necessary modifications to ensure accuracy and reliability.


We are leading with science, and as one of the world’s largest and most respected bioanalytical laboratory networks, we’re equipped to tailor customized methods specifically for your unique challenges. Trust Q2 Solutions to deliver the vital data you need to advance your research and improve patient outcomes.


Explore our available bioanalytical assays below and let’s embark on a successful scientific journey together.


Assays to Support COVID-19 Trials

Azithromycin Ritonavir
Chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine,
and desethylhydroxychloroquine
Remdesivir Tenofovir


LC-MS/MS Methods

Compound/Metabolite Matrix/Anticoagulant
Acyclovir; Valaciclovir Human plasma/K3EDTA
Amlodipine Human plasma/K2EDTA
D-Amphetamine; L-Amphetamine (chiral) Human plasma/sodium EDTA
Amphetamine (achiral) Human plasma/sodium EDTA
Aprepitant Human plasma/K2EDTA
Asenapine and Desmethylasenapine Human plasma/K2EDTA
Atorvastatin; o-Hydroxyatorvastatin; p-Hydroxyatorvastatin Human plasma/sodium heparin and K3EDTA
Bortezomib Human plasma/K2EDTA, K3EDTA, and sodium heparin
Bupropion; Hydroxybupropion Human plasma/K2EDTA
Caffeine; Paraxanthine Human plasma/K2EDTA (surrogate matrix Bovine Serum
Albumin (BSA) Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS))
Capecitabine; 5'-DFCR/
Human plasma/sodium EDTA and K3EDTA
Human plasma/K3EDTA
Carbamazepine 10,11-epoxide
Human plasma/sodium EDTA
Clopidogrel Acid/
Clopidogrel Active Metabolite (H4 diastereomer)
Human plasma/K2EDTA
Clopidogrel Active Metabolite (H4 diastereomer only) Human plasma/K2EDTA
Cyclosporine A Human blood/K2EDTA
Cytarabine Human plasma/sodium heparin
Human plasma/K2EDTA
Human plasma/K2EDTA
Danazol Human plasma/K2EDT
Desipramine/2-Hydroxydesipramine Human plasma/K2EDTA
Daunorubicin; Daunorubicinol Human plasma/K2EDTA
Decitabine Human plasma/K2EDTA
Human plasma/K2EDTA
Human serum
Human plasma/K2EDTA
Digoxin Human serum
Digoxin Human urine
Digoxin Human urine
Docetaxel Human plasma/K2EDTA
Atomoxetine; S,S-Reboxetine
Human plasma/K3EDTA
Epinephrine Human plasma/K2EDTA
Erlotinib Human plasma/sodium EDTA
5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) Human plasma/sodium EDTA
5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) Human plasma/sodium EDTA and K2EDTA
Fenofi bric Acid Human plasma/sodium EDTA
Fluconazole Human plasma/K2EDTA
Flurbiprofen Human plasma/K2EDTA
Gemcitabine Human plasma/lithium heparin
Gemcitabine; 2',2'-Difluorodeoxyuridine Human plasma/lithium heparin
Glyburide (total) Human plasma/sodium heparin
N-Desmethyl Imatinib
Human plasma/K2EDTA
Itraconazole; Hydroxy Itraconazole Human plasma/K2EDTA
Ketoconazole Human plasma/K2EDTA
Lamivudine (as part of Combivir®) Human plasma/sodium heparin
Lamivudine (as part of Combivir®) Human urine
Lovastatin; Lovastatin Acid Human plasma/sodium heparin
Lovastatin; Lovastatin Acid Human plasma/K2EDTA
Lumefantrine Human plasma/K2EDTA
Metformin Human plasma/sodium heparin
Methotrexate (Low Range)/
Human plasma/lithium heparin and K2EDTA
Methotrexate (Low Range)/
Human plasma/lithium heparin and K2EDTA
Methotrexate Human plasma/K2EDTA
Methotrexate (Low Curve) Human urine
Methotrexate (High Curve)/
Human urine
Methotrexate (Low Curve)/
Human urine
Methylphenidate; α-Phenyl-α-(2-Piperidyl)Acetic Acid Human plasma/acid citrate dextrose
Metoprolol; α-Hydroxymetoprolol Human plasma/K2EDTA
Midazolam; 1ʹ-Hydroxymidazolam Human plasma/K2EDTA
Midazolam; 1ʹ-Hydroxymidazolam Human plasma/sodium and lithium heparin
Montelukast Human plasma/sodium heparin and K2EDTA
Montelukast/36-Hydroxy Montelukast Human plasma/K2EDTA
Moxifloxacin Human plasma/K2EDTA, K3EDTA, sodium EDTA,
sodium heparin, and lithium heparin
Nisoldipine Human plasma/K2EDTA
5ʹ-Hydroxyomeprazole; Omeprazole Sulfone
Human plasma/K2EDTA and sodium heparin
Paclitaxel; 6-Hydroxypaclitaxel Human plasma/K2EDTA
Paliperidone Human plasma/K2EDTA
Paroxetine Human plasma/K2EDTA
Pemetrexed Human plasma/K2EDTA
Repaglinide Human plasma/sodium heparin
Rifampicin (Rifampin) Human plasma/K2EDTA
Risperidone Human plasma/K2EDTA
Ritonavir Human plasma/K3EDTA
Rivastigmine Human plasma/potassium
oxalate/sodium fluoride
Rosiglitazone Human plasma/K3EDTA
Rosuvastatin Lactone; N-Desmethyl Rosuvastatin
Human plasma/K2EDTA
Sildenafil Human plasma/K2EDTA
Sildenafil; N-Desmethyl Sildenafil Human plasma/K2EDTA
Simvastatin; Simvastatin Acid Human plasma/K3EDTA
Desethyl Sunitinib
Human plasma/K2EDTA
Telaprevir Human plasma/K2EDTA
Tenofovir Human plasma/K2EDTA
Tolbutamide; 4-Hydroxytolbutamide Human plasma/K2EDTA
Tolterodine; 5-Hydroxymethyl Tolterodine Human plasma/sodium heparin
Valproic Acid Human serum
Verapamil; Norverapamil Human plasma/K2EDTA
R-Warfarin; S-Warfarin (chiral) Human PFF (non-protein bound)
R-Warfarin; S-Warfarin (chiral) Human plasma (total)/sodium heparin
Zidovudine (as part of Combivir®) Human plasma/sodium heparin
Zidovudine (as part of Combivir®) Human urine
Ziprasidone Human plasma/sodium heparin

Immunoassay Biomarker Methods

Analyte on ELISA platform
HER-2/neu Human serum
β-NGF (free) Human serum
IGF-1 (total) Human serum
IGF-1 (free) Human serum
sECAD Human serum
sEGFr Human serum
VEGF Human plasma/sodium citrate

LC-MS Biomarker Methods

Biomarker Method Development and Validation Expertise
Amino Acids, Lipids, Neurotransmitters, Nucleotides, Hormones, Peptides, Proteins – immunoprecipitation, digestion, immunoaffinity LC/LC/nano LC-MS/MS
Biomarker Non-Proprietary Methods
Biomarker Matrix
9 Essential Amino Acid Panel Human plasma/K2EDTA
4β-Hydroxycholesterol Human plasma/K2EDTA
β-Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) Human serum
Cholesterol Human plasma/K2EDTA
Citrulline Human plasma/K2EDTA
7α-Hydroxy-4-cholesten-3-one (C4) Human serum
Insulin Human serum
Rat Hepcidin Rat serum
TL1A Human serum