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Validated Assays

Q2 Solutions brings more than 20 years of experience in bioanalytical services, developing robust methods to support all stages of drug discovery and development. We have developed and validated assays for a range of applications, including ADME screening/ADME testing, discovery and development metabolite identification, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, immunogenicity testing, biomarker analysis and characterization, and biosimilars testing. Methodologies include LC/MS bioanalysis, LC/MS/MS analysis, hybrid LC/MS assays, and immunoassay and MS-based biomarker assays. Prior to validation, each assay undergoes a formal pre-qualification process in which Q2 Solutions scientists review preliminary data and assess modifications necessary to support validation.


The link below provides a list of validated bioanalytical methods developed by Q2 Solutions to support clinical trial applications, including COVID-19 trials. In addition to listed assays, Q2 Solutions develops customized methods to meet specific challenges.

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