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Next Generation Sequencing Services

Global Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Services

With 4 global laboratory locations, Q2 Solutions offers a range of next generation sequencing services to support drug discovery, precision medicine, and clinical development. We offer expertise in assay design, development, and validation, plus a translational genomics team comprised of both assay development and bioinformatic scientists, who lead the industry in high complexity testing and analysis. Q2 Solutions offers the following next generation sequencing services:

Service Capability
Exome Sequencing
  • Low input procedure optimized for intact and FFPE material
  • Flexible hybridization method that allows for use of various standard and customized ROI probe sets
RNA Sequencing Capabilities include:
  • Library preparation from both intact and degraded RNA from FFPE, blood, tissue, and cells
Techniques include:
  • Hybridization-based method targeting the human transcriptome
  • Poly-A selection method for intact material
  • Ribosomal RNA depletion method for degraded and non-coding RNA
Whole Genome Sequencing Optimized method for FFPE and intact material, using low input and minimal amplification
DNA and RNA Isolations DNA and RNA extraction capabilities from a large spectrum of original material, including FFPE, blood, tissue, and cells
HTG EdgeSeq Panels
  • HTG EdgeSeq library preparation and Illumina Sequencing
  • Low sample input, no RNA isolation required
  • 3500+ targets in a single reaction
ThermoFisher in Ion Torrent AmpliSeq and Oncomine Panels
  • Library preparation and in Ion Torrent S5 XL or PGM Dx sequencing
  • DNA, RNA, or simultaneous profiling available
  • Customizable
  • Whole Transcriptome panel available
NanoString nCounter Panels
  • Probe Hybridization based capture, RNA copies counted by nCounter
  • No amplification required
  • Customizable
  • Up to 800 targets in a single reaction
  • Alignment, gene/isoform/junction counts, QC, bacterial/viral detection
  • Gene fusion detection
  • Variant calling
  • HLA allele calling
  • Group comparisons and clinical biostatistics
  • On-site support

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