Library Platform Transfers

Library Platform Transfers


In addition to discovery campaigns, Specifica offers full transfers of each client’s exclusive library platform. This delivers a one-of-a-kind library to support clients who want to effectively execute antibody discovery locally.


All libraries are provided as exclusive assets, with HCDR3 donors used once and other CDRs reassembled for each library, making the antibody diversity your alone to mine, and not shared with others. Your exclusive HCDR3 diversity can be used to build more than one library format, providing access to different antibody functionalities.


To empower discover at your site, we equip you with our integrated, state-of-the-art antibody discovery platform, including exclusive libraries, vectors, protocols, and extensive training.


Exclusive Libraries

cns-markers-img2Each Generation 3 library from Specifica uses a unique reassembly of naturally replicated CDRs, combined with at least 100 million unique HCDR3s derived from a unique donor pool that is used only one. These donors are never used to build libraries for other clients.


This approach ensures that each Generation 3 library is one of a kind, delivering industry-leading antibody diversity on each project.


We retain your diversity and can use it to build new libraries to expand your antibody discovery efforts, now or in the future. In addition to your original antibody format, Specifica can build you new format libraries with the same diversity. Current formats are scFv, scFv-fixed VL, Fab, Fab-fixed VL and VHH.


Bring our library platform in-house for your exclusive use. We can include all 4 sub-libraries (ScFv, Fab, fixed VL and VHH) or fewer based on your needs and budget. Learn about our unique approach:


Library Design

The exclusive use of combinatorically reassembled natural CDR sequences, rather than intra-CDR synthetic diversity, ensures correct folding, avoids co-variance violations, and allows the complete elimination of sequence-based liabilities for five of the six CDRs.


As a result of the high functionality of our Generation 3 Library Platform, you can expect a broad diversity of different antibodies from your selections, most of which will have affinities below 10 nM, combined with developability properties usually at least as good as the clinical candidate antibodies from which they were derived.


We construct each Generation 3 library de novo, ensuring your library comprises a unique combination of naturally replicated CDRs, combined with at least one hundred million unique HCDR3s derived from a donor pool used only once, guaranteeing each supplied Generation 3 Library Platform is one of a kind.



All library aspects can be customized, including scaffolds, mutations to revert frameworks to germline or eliminate sequences of concern, antibody format, CDR sequence liabilities retained or eliminated, HCDR3 sources, display platform (phage or yeast), and the peptide tags used for detection or purification.


We will work with you to design the optimal library for your purposes.