Antibody Libraries

Antibody Libraries


Specifica, a Q2 Solutions Company, develops and delivers exceptional antibody libraries to support drug discovery. Our patented Generation 3 platform yields drug-like antibodies directly from selections, minimizing the need for downstream affinity and biophysical engineering.

Specifica antibody libraries deliver:




Fast Discovery

Specifica provides high affinity antibodies with excellent developability and high diversity, saving time and money during development.


High Affinity

  • 60% of antibodies from platform have affinities below 10nM
  • 20% are in the sub-nanomolar range
  • Excluding pMHC selections, more than 75% of campaigns generate at least 1 sub-nanomolar antibody


High Diversity

  • AbXtract machine learning module groups antibodies into 10 to 1,000 distinct clusters
  • Provides antibodies against a wide variety of target epitopes with the potential for differential biology


  • Sequence liabilities are purged from all CDRs except HCDR3
  • More than 80% of antibodies have no measurable biophysical liabilities
  • Our antibodies behave as well as the best therapeutic antibodies

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