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Immunoassay and immunogenicity

Immunoassays enable the sensitive and specific measurement of analytes in complex biologic matrices and thus play a pivotal role in drug discovery and development. Q2 Solutions leverages extensive experience with bioanalytical method development and bioanalytical testing to develop and validate immunoassays, using industry best practices to meet regulatory standards. We analyze more than one million bioanalytical and ADME samples annually to support biosimilar testing services, pharmacokinetic (PK) testing, immunogenicity testing (e.g., anti-drug antibody assays), and neutralizing antibody assays. From methods development and validation to sample analysis and management and medical writing support, Q2 Solutions incorporates a full range of bioanalytical services to manage the development and validation of ligand-binding assays.

Biotherapeutic immunoassay services

Comprehensive support for developing and validating robust bioanalytical ligand binding immunoassay methods


Bioanalytical immunoassay services for biosimilar development

Unique bioanalytic capabilities to accelerate biosimilar studies