Our Terms - Antibody Libraries

Our Terms


  • Specifica doesn’t charge royalties, milestone-based fees or “research fees” for library transfers, discovery campaigns or antibody optimization.
  • We value transparency and clarity in our business and scientific practices.
    • When you work with Specifica, costs are set, and you’ll know them upfront before we start.
  • We won’t ask you to share your intellectual property or pay us in perpetuity for our work.
    • Your molecules are yours; we won’t ask you to report back to us or allow us to conduct any audits.
  • The quality of our libraries and processes reduces your need for additional downstream affinity or developability improvement. This is true whether you want an exclusive library, or if you choose Specifica to perform your antibody discovery or optimization.

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Our end goal is to help you bring new therapeutics to market as easily and rapidly as possible.

Use the best technology platform to discover your lead; not one dictated by business terms.

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