AbXtract is a cloud-based bioinformatics platform that allows you to rapidly analyze antibody-based sequencing datasets. Both Sanger and NGS files can be analyzed, and physical clones identified by Sanger sequencing can be correlated with their NGS cluster equivalents.


Sequence files are uploaded to, and analyzed in Orion, a cloud-native fully integrated software-as-a-service molecular modeling platform from OpenEye, a software company that collaborates with Specifica. This provides a secure and straightforward platform to share data, results and analyses. Once analysis is complete, gene synthesis ready files of potential leads are generated, allowing rapid outsourcing to synthesize your leads.


The Specifica team has been using next-generation sequencing for quality control of naïve libraries and to analyze selection outputs for years. As the value of using NGS in antibody discovery became more evident, and our platform more straightforward to use, we realized this was a software platform we should share, to make the use of NGS in antibody discovery more widely available.


AbXtract is available for all antibody discovery performed by Specifica. It’s also available as a module in Orion, a cloud-native fully integrated software-as-a-service molecular modeling platform. This option provides unlimited computation and storage, as well as the powerful data sharing, visualization and analysis tools to antibody discovery, all within an open development platform.


The AbXtract Advantage

  • Uncover more leads: Increase the number of cluster leads 5- to 50-fold compared to random colony screening
  • Increase sequence diversity and cluster representation: Explore the entire sequence diversity within selected populations, even rare clones typically missed by low-throughput methods that favor more abundant antibodies
  • Prioritize promising leads: Analyze additional known data, and even low-throughput assay data, to prioritize leads with the most favorable developability and biophysical profiles
  • Minimize costs: Achieve high throughput for a fraction of the cost of conventional assay runs
  • Equip the entire discovery team: Automated workflows for novice users, while allowing expert users to fully configure their settings.