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J. Matthew Hutzler, Ph.D. | October 21, 2017

A Rapid Cocktail LC-MS/MS Method to Assess Inhibitor Selectivity for CYP Phenotyping in Human Liver Microsomes and Hepatocytes

Complex challenges call for unique approaches using LC-MS/MS
This poster presents how we used LC-MS/MS methods to assess inhibitor selectivity for CYP Phenotyping in Human Liver Microsomes and Hepatocytes. This resulted in a 7-fold decrease in analysis time per study, thus enabling rapid verification of the effectiveness and selectivity of each inhibitor while estimating fm, CYP for new drug candidates.

As a key methodology in today’s PK studies, we offer a number of bioanalytical testing services in support of your trial, including tailored Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC/MS). Our highly experienced staff utilizes leading-edge technology including AB SCIEX™ / Thermo Scientific triple quadrupole mass spectrometers, Thermo Scientific High Resolutions mass spectrometers, and state of-the-art extraction techniques. 

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J Matthew Hutzler, Ph.D., Director of In Vitro Metabolism, Bioanalytical and ADME Labs

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