Robust performance of single-cell multiomic analysis (CITE-Seq) demonstrated across multiple locations, replicates, and donors on challenging cryopreserved PBMC and BMMC samples

Emerging single-cell multiomic techniques, such as CITE-Seq, require best practices, optimized parameters, and an understanding of practical limitations when analyzing clinically relevant samples. This study aimed to provide meaningful guidance for analyzing clinically relevant cryopreserved samples of variable quality using CITE-Seq.
Q2 Solutions is the first and only service provider to achieve the exclusive certified service partnership for CITE-Seq scRNA-Seq with BioLegend.

  • Describes CITE-Seq performance expectations for cryopreserved clinical PBMC and BMMC samples.
  • Demonstrates the interrogation of cryopreserved clinical PBMC and BMMC material at single-cell resolution for CITE-Seq evaluations.
  • Showcases that the CITE-Seq workflow revealed high reproducibility and robust multiomic data across samples and testing sites.


BioLegend has collaborated with Q2 Solutions, a leading laboratory services organization in drug discovery and development, to provide multiomics solutions to researchers. Q2 Solutions offers a wide range of services, including single-cell technologies and advanced flow cytometry services. They have demonstrated their expertise in performing single-cell assays using TotalSeq reagents on compatible platforms and methods. Specifically, they specialize in single-cell multiomics for gene expression with feature barcoding for protein detection using TotalSeq antibodies, also known as CITE-Seq, on 10x Genomics Chromium platforms. Q2 Solutions has launched global support for these technologies with their new CITE-Seq offerings, powered by TotalSeq reagents and products.
Multiomics and TotalSeq™ Reagents 
BioLegend and Q2 Solutions conducted an extensive qualification study of their CITE-Seq offerings across multiple sites and sample types.


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