Fit for Purpose Development and Validation of a Urea Biomarker Assay to Support Pre Clinical Studies

Finding a suitable assay for measuring urea levels during human clinical trials

Presented at the 2016 AAPS National Biotechnology Conference, this posted details the team’s efforts to develop and perform a fit for purpose validation of a biomarker assay to measure changes in urea levels in mouse plasma and broncho-alveolar fluid (BAL). Q2 Solutions has the breadth and depth of biomarker expertise, tools and capabilities to prepare and implement strategies to help drug developers effectively gain a competitive advantage – helping ensure your success in clinical trials, regulatory approvals and new product launches.   

Q2 Solutions is your partner of choice for any development program which requires identifying, designing and/or validating biomarkers, because we’re able to go a step further to help you understand how these biomarkers can help deliver actionable insights for better health™.

Authors: George Hristopoulos, Douglas Aguilar, Vivian Pettis, Benjamin Hopper, Patrick Smith, Karen Williams, Christina Axelson, Andrea Hall, Kathy Champion, and Paul Rhyne

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