Bridging the Gap in Liquid Biopsies with CTCs and ctDNA

Illumina TruSight Oncology 500 ctDNA Assay

Epic Sciences’ multi-technology approach offers Comprehensive Cancer Profiling, measuring CTCs and ctDNA TSO500 from a single blood draw. CTCs and ctDNA liquid biopsies enable complementary information for clinical decisions, allowing for diagnosis, accurate prognosis, therapeutic target selection, as well as monitoring response and resistance to treatment.

Their enrichment-free approach with the CTC rare cell detection platform reveals both genotype and phenotype, providing a unique view into disease heterogeneity. Epic Sciences’ partners with biopharma companies to improve drug development with CTC technology and ctDNA TSO500 analysis for a liquid biopsy that is both minimally invasive and highly accurate.

This presentation covers:

  • How a multi-technology approach including CTCs and ctDNA TSO500 from a single blood draw can improve drug development efforts for biopharma companies.
  • How Comprehensive Cancer profiling can provide insight into patient identification using CTCs and ctDNA TSO500 biomarker analysis in lieu of difficult to obtain tissue biopsy.
  • Expanded clinical applications, including how Comprehensive Cancer Profiling can identify emerging resistant mechanisms and whether those are targetable by approved drugs or eligible for clinical trials.

Download the presentation slides or watch the recorded webinar.