Next Generation Immuno-Oncology Flow Cytometry with Mark Edinger

I-O clinical development podcast series

In this episode, Mark Edinger, Scientific Advisor for Flow Cytometry at Q2 Solutions, describes recent advances in flow cytometry and what that means for immuno-oncology trials. New instruments, reagents and software are enabling researchers to monitor more than 30 markers simultaneously to get a better picture of the tumor micro-environment and the interactions taking place. For example, new checkpoint inhibitors, like PD-1, CTLA-4, CD-1-52 and a multitude of others, including their ligands on T cells and immune cells, allow the tumor to actively turn off the host response to the tumor which prevents the tumor from being killed by the immune system. The tools available now allow us to look at many more markers simultaneously.

In this episode, Mark explains how next generation flow cytometry is being used to determine whether a therapeutic is efficacious or not and the benefits to the patient. He stresses the importance of early engagement between sponsors and their clinical trial partners.