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RNA Sequencing and DNA Sequencing Services

Q² Solutions offers a range of genomic testing services to support drug discovery, precision medicine and clinical development

Q2 Solutions has four laboratory locations:


Service Capability
Exome Sequencing
  • Low input procedure optimized for intact and FFPE material
  • Flexible hybridization method that allows for use of various standard and customized ROI probe sets
  • Illumina NovaSeq system available
RNA Sequencing Services
  • Library preparation from both intact and degraded RNA from FFPE, blood, tissue, and cells
  • Hybridization-based method targeting the human transcriptome
  • Poly-A selection method for intact material
  • Ribosomal RNA depletion method for degraded and non-coding RNA
  • Illumina NovaSeq system available
Single Cell RNA Sequencing
  • 10x Certified Service Provider for single cell gene expression
  • Chromium™ processing and library prep from cryopreserved single-cell suspensions
  • 3' or 5' RNA sequencing available
Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Optimized method for FFPE and intact material, using low input and minimal amplification
  • Illumina NovaSeq system available
DNA and RNA Isolations
  • DNA and RNA extraction capabilities from a large spectrum of original material, including FFPE, blood, tissue, and cells
HTG EdgeSeq Panels
  • HTG EdgeSeq library preparation and Illumina Illumina Sequencing
  • Low sample input, no RNA isolation required
  • 3500+ targets in a single reaction
ThermoFisher Ion Torrent AmpliSeq and Oncomine Panels
  • Library preparation and Ion Torrent S5 XL or PGM Dx sequencing
  • DNA, RNA, or simultaneous profiling available
  • Customizable
  • Whole Transcriptome panel available
NanoString nCounter Panels
  • Probe Hybridization based capture, RNA copies counted by nCounter
  • No amplification required
  • Customizable
  • Up to 800 targets in a single reaction
  • Alignment, gene/isoform/junction counts, QC, bacterial/viral detection
  • Gene fusion detection
  • Variant calling
  • HLA allele calling
  • Group comparisons and clinical biostatistics
  • On-site support

Harmonization of procedures across global laboratories:

Methods: Training:
  • All methods are developed at our Genomics Center of Excellence in RTP by our Translational R/D team and subject matter experts
  • Following development, methods are validated in place by subject matter experts at each global site, as necessary
  • Subject Matter Experts travel to each global site to train local staff to ensure consistency of key techniques and working knowledge of complex methods
Documentation, Equipment, Procedures: Assay Development & Validation:
  • Documentation goes through standard review and approval processes, with release dates set to allow for all global sites to review
  • Key equipment is kept consistent at global sites (i.e. Illumina Novaseq at each facility) to allow for method precision, with automation instruments also running identical programs
  • Procedures are also kept consistent across sites, to allow for global studies to be run with the same methods, regardless of testing location
  • Assays are validated at each site
  • Any adjustments or redevelopments to assays will be done prior to release globally and ensuring that changes are able to be made applicable at all sites
  • New equipment is deployed as needed and qualified for use prior to method release
  • We are able to facilitate tech transfer based on needs of our clients

Global Project Management

Each trial is assigned a global project manager for client alignment. Project managers serve as the single point of contact for the client and communication liaison for all stakeholders and contributors and as a link to Q2 Solutions subject matter experts.
  • We are committed to the establishment and nurturing of client relationships by forming account teams comprised of Business Development Representatives and Project Management Professionals.
  • The team is comprised of individuals with a breadth of industry experience coming from genomics, quality, pharmaceutical development and discovery, and healthcare.
  • Project Managers are either PMP certified or working towards the certification through continuing education.
  • Q2 Solutions has continued to invest in project management and we have experienced 1000% growth during the last 4 years alone.
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