Ultra-deep sequencing data from a liquid biopsy proficiency study demonstrating analytic validity

Scientific Data article, with contributions from Wendell Jones, PhD, Q2 Solutions Genomics


Recently we reported the accuracy and reproducibility of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) assays using a unique set of reference materials, associated analytical framework, and suggested best practices. With the rapid adoption of ctDNA sequencing in precision oncology, it is critical to understand the analytical validity and technical limitations of this cutting-edge and medical-practice-changing technology. The SEQC2 Oncopanel Sequencing Working Group has developed a multi-site, cross-platform study design for evaluating the analytical performance of five industry-leading ctDNA assays. The study used tailor-made reference samples at various levels of input material to assess ctDNA sequencing across 12 participating clinical and research facilities. The generated dataset encompasses multiple key variables, including a broad range of mutation frequencies, sequencing coverage depth, DNA input quantity, etc. It is the most comprehensive public-facing dataset of its kind and provides valuable insights into ultra-deep ctDNA sequencing technology. Eventually the clinical utility of ctDNA assays is required and our proficiency study and corresponding dataset are needed steps towards this goal.