Q2 Solutions is a leading drug discovery and development laboratory services organization.

Our innovative solutions encompass ADME, bioanalytical, genomics, immunoassay testing, vaccines, antibody drug discovery, and central laboratory services, including flow cytometry, anatomic pathology, molecular and companion diagnostics, and decentralized clinical trials.


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For small and mid-sized companies, we offer a set of flexible solutions that can be customized.


Benefits of Digital Pathology for Clinical Trial Sponsors and Pathology Teams

This article by Monika Lamba, MD, PhD, Director of Pathology at Q² Solutions, will help you better understand how digital pathology can address long-term challenges in imaging analysis, which is especially important now more than ever given the pressures of trial timelines and budgets.

Career opportunities at Q2 Solutions

Career opportunities at Q2 Solutions

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Turning hope into help

It all starts with the patient. With the need to ease the anxieties associated with critical moments in their lives. All over the world, from big cities to small towns, there are patients, families, and loved ones all hoping for treatments and cures.

Our competitive edge isn’t just through our industry-leading science, our partnership approach, or in our innovative solutions; it’s found in the unique combination of all three. Like a complex molecule, we solve problems that couldn’t have been attempted before.

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