Celebrating our medical laboratory professionals

Author: Costa Panagos

During April 22-28, 2018, Q2 Solutions is celebrating Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, also known as Lab Week. I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank our global laboratory teams for their important work and ongoing commitment to serving our patients, customers, and each other.

When I first joined Q2 Solutions and toured our various sites, I noticed an inspirational sign posted in one of our laboratories. It read, “Every laboratory sample we process impacts a patient’s life. Your handling and subsequent analysis provides the essential information used to diagnose and determine treatment options.” This sign had a profound impact on me that I won’t forget: our people care.

Ultimately, the sign and its message were the precursor to the mission statement for Q2 Solutions: We treat each sample as if a life depends on it. Our laboratory professionals around the world understand firsthand what it truly means to be responsible for a patient’s sample. From metabolism ID to Chemistry/Hematology, Anatomic Pathology, Flow Cytometry, and Next Generation Sequencing, they are the front line of our business and are entrusted by our patients and customers alike. They demonstrate passion for healthcare, a rigorous pursuit of process excellence, and a dedication to quality results.

This week, our laboratory sites around the world will celebrate Lab Week by hosting a variety of events and activities. On behalf of the Q2 Solutions Leadership Team and the entire organization, I extend my sincere thanks to all our laboratory professionals around the world.