Biomarker Development Services

The expertise, experience, and tools to maximize your biomarker strategy throughout your product’s development.

Q2SM Tailored solutions for the right biomarker strategy

As part of Q2 Solutions end-to-end biomarker capabilities, we harness our bioanalytical capabilities to aid in the development and implementation of biomarkers.

Q2 Solutions is one of the few bioanalytical laboratories successfully employing immunoprecipitation techniques and multidimensional liquid chromatography (LC) for biomarker quantitation. Q2 Solutions offers a wide range of tailored and integrated liquid chromatography mass spectrometry services to support biomarker testing and quantitation, including LC/MS bioanalysis, LC/MS/MS analysis, hybrid LC-MS assays, small molecule LC/MS, and large molecule bioanalysis. Our team has experience and knowledge in developing and validating biomarker assays for definitive quantitation of endogenous analytes, including proteins, peptides, lipids, neurotransmitters, steroids, amino acids, and other biomarker analytes. The development of these assays is followed by method validation or qualification, and sample analysis consistent with global regulatory requirements and governed by SOPs.

Delivery excellence to identify & integrate biomarkers

We have a broad set of capabilities to support biomarker identification and analysis.

Our Biomarker-based LC/MS Bioanalysis Services include:

Method development

Method qualification – “fit-for-purpose” and definitive validation

Automated immunoprecipitation technology

Enzyme activity assays

Sample analysis supporting clinical and non-clinical studies

Shaping outcomes

Q2 Solutions is your partner of choice for any development program which requires identifying or measuring biomarkers. Through our experience and expertise we can help you understand how these biomarkers can deliver actionable medical insights for better health. Since 2015 Q2 Solutions has validated >450 new assays including over 250 biomarker assays each year.

>450 new assays validated including over 250 biomarker assays each year since 2015

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