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How We Can Work Together



Flexible ways to work with you

BioFortis, a Q² Solutions Company, focuses on delivering the highest business value to our customers, with multiple ways of engagement: you can outsource, insource, or select a shared delivery model that is catered to your business. In all cases, we enable scalability and transparency via technology, allowing the client to always be in control.


We are very flexible in how we can serve our clients, while maintaining a level of structure that assures rigorous quality: providing high value, high impact, and low barrier of entry for all sizes & types of organizations.

  • Outsourcing: if you choose to externalize biospecimen tracking, testing, management, and consent reconciliation capabilities1, we are ready to work with you directly via a Functional Service Provider (FSP) model. You can also work with our partners, or your preferred CROs & labs, by enabling them to provide these services with our certification program.
  • Insourcing: if you decide that sample tracking, consent management, and issue resolution capabilities are core competencies you should own in-house, we can directly enable you with our technology product, hands-on training, and industry experience. We will perform the system setup, configuration, validation, and user training for you. Optionally, on an ongoing, “business-as-usual” basis, we can provide biospecimen-related solution services, such as study configuration, data integration, study health assessment, issue identification, and issue resolution as you develop self-sufficient capabilities.
  • Shared Delivery: this is a phased & fast-tracked approach that enables you to utilize our technology, services, and partners to quickly deliver on high impact projects, while becoming trained in part or fully self-sufficient with our solution.

Key benefit in working with us

No matter the scenario, you can adjust how you engage with us at any time. Because our approach is highly transparent and technology-enabled, everything we do for you is transferable to you or your partners – our dedication to transparency eliminates the black-box that frequently surrounds access to this type of information and processes.

Whether you are running a single clinical study, or a large program of multiple trials with a myriad of CROs, central labs, and specialty labs, we are ready to work with you to deliver significant business value and visibility to your study teams.

Are you a CRO, Central Lab, or Specialty Lab?

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Clinical Trial Biospecimen & Consent Tracking

1Per ICH E6(R2) guidelines, a sponsor may transfer any or all of the sponsor's trial related duties and functions to a CRO, but the ultimate responsibility for the quality and integrity of the trial data always resides with the sponsor.

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