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Expression Analysis (EA), a Q2 Solutions Quintiles Quest Joint Venture Company's comprehensive knowledge of technology services and assays determine the best methods to obtain genomic data you need to solve complex biological problems.

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You’re looking to answer complex biological questions through experimentation, without wasting valuable time. The methods and technologies available are numerous, and deciding on the right path can be a challenge. 

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Together we design the best fit.
EA, a Q2 Solutions Quintiles Quest Joint Venture (JV) company brings you clinical experience and genomics expertise.  Our experts design smarter studies to help you identify biomarkers, discover new pathways, and select the right patient populations to help you ultimately develop safer and more efficacious precision medicines for your patients.

EA, Q2 Solutions’ industry-leading Genomic services team can help you unearth invaluable insights from your genomic data. Through carefully orchestrated analyses, we work with you to choose platforms and assays that will distinctly fit your needs, and then use them to deliver valuable, informative data.

Our solutions support our clients’ clinical trial and research efforts across the market spectrum. We work with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, diagnostic, academic, government and nonprofit clients using a wide array of technology platforms, so that we can determine exactly what works best or you without sacrificing quality of efficiency.

In addition to demonstrating flexibility and understanding across platforms, our team of lab experts is meticulous; we know how valuable your samples are and ensure they’re handled with the utmost care. Our quality systems follow CLSI guidelines, and our CLIA-certified laboratory supports GLP compliance.

Comprehensive services

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EA, a Q2 Solutions company offers a full range of services utilizing a number of challenging specimen types including whole blood and FFPE samples. 

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