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Central Laboratories

Expert, comprehensive support backed by a global laboratory network, Q2 Solutions’ Central Labs support your drug, medical device and diagnostics trials with extensive global reach, a wide array of clinical testing services and dedicated assay development to get you quality lab data on time.

Predictable, on time, lab data delivery

Accuracy and efficiency in lab work are crucial, but you also need the value and insight that comes from close collaboration with a seasoned team of scientists and project managers, who understand the scientific and medical challenges of your protocol and can help you reach your goals on time and within budget.

Worldwide network

With the world’s largest network of CAP-accredited central laboratories, Q2 Solutions brings the consistency that gets the job done. We partner with you to make the study process a collaborative and seamless effort as well as an intelligent one.

We have laboratories in: 
  • Argentina – Buenos Aires
  • Brazil – San Paulo
  • China – Beijing, Shanghai
  • India – Mumbai
  • Japan – Tokyo
  • UK – Edinburgh, Heston
  • Singapore – Singapore
  • South Africa – Pretoria
  • United States – Atlanta, GA; Valencia and San Juan Capistrano, CA; Teterboro, NJ

Our skilled project managers specialize in flawless management of complicated logistics across countries and investigator sites to help keep your trial on time and on budget. Experienced scientists work directly with your teams to address your specific needs. You can count on Q2 Solutions for consistent and comparable results from region to region and study to study. You get the clean, globally harmonized data you need to make real-time decisions on your clinical development program.


Laboratory testing – Our clinical testing services extend well beyond basic safety testing to include highly specialized esoteric tests, as well as complex biomarkers. 
Assay development – With four assay development labs actively bringing up new assays and validating new technologies, we are constantly expanding our menu of more than 400 tests, as well as developing custom assays for our customers. 
Genomic services – Expression Analysis provides whole genome to focused set gene expression profiling and genotyping assays along with DNA and RNA sequencing services, sequence enrichment technologies and bioinformatics support. 
Specimen management – For worry-free sample collection and processing, Q2 Solutions’ central laboratories take a proven approach to specimen handling.
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