Vaccine Laboratory Services

Vaccine Laboratory Services

Q2 Solutions vaccine laboratory services are supported by global, comprehensive central laboratory services to meet your development needs across the entire vaccine development life cycle

Combining cutting-edge technology platforms and state-of-the-art laboratories with over 35 years of clinical vaccine development, Q2 Solutions is the partner of choice to support your candidate selection and assay development. Take advantage of our five vaccine platforms, our in-house custom in vivo services, and our protein sciences capabilities —including molecular biology, protein expression, purification, and characterization expertise. To adapt to your requirements, we can rapidly produce custom antigen and pseudoparticle reagents in-house, as we did in our SARS-CoV-2 work. In addition, our team in Belgium can support vaccine-candidate selection via in vitro assays using primary human immune cells.

Partner with Q2 Solutions for the development, qualification, and validation of immunological assays and sample testing to support your vaccine development from lead selection through late-stage clinical trials. Staffed with renowned scientists on the forefront of assay development and testing, we support the leading pharma and biotech companies with a scientific-driven approach.

Your Partner for Immunology & Specialty Testing Expertise

Infectious Disease

With our roots in infectious diseases, Q² Solutions has an extensive track record and expertise across the spectrum of drug development and testing. Dedicated to immunology and vaccines, we continue to expand and excel in the space through acquisitions and partnerships. Acquisitions include the Nexelis clinical laboratory portfolio including clinical, bioanalytical, and biomarker-focused laboratories throughout North America and Europe. We worked with a broad range of infectious agents, from flu and SARS-CoV-2 to pneumonia, meningitis, and pathogenic bacteria

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