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Access your important study data with flexibility and ease

Standard management reports and custom queries for tailored solutions

The Result\View system is a web-based tool that enables rapid access to your important study data in a secure environment. Result\View makes study monitoring more efficient by allowing you to view patient reports, track clinical study data, produce management reports and run queries, globally, anytime.


Access study specific metrics, including financial, data transmission and laboratory operations for comprehensive monitoring of study progress.


The following standard management reports are available and each report has multiple sort and filtering options:


  • New Activity Report: Summary by investigator of all visits with laboratory testing. Provides you with a quick look at investigator participation and study progress.
  • Sample Storage Report: Detailed information regarding specimens retained in our storage facility along with related shipping information.
  • Patient Visit History: Summary of visit information for each patient, grouped by investigator. Documents all patient visits by investigator site.
  • Flagged Results: Combines all results with alerted values, such as a delta flag, phone alert, toxicity grade or abnormal flagging for all analytes across the entire patient population.
  • Missing Visit History Report: View visits by patient, along with details on when the patient’s next visit is due.


A library of standard management reports combined with a robust custom query builder puts essential information based on your requirements at your fingertips, empowering you with clear insights to make confident decisions

Optimizing your access to real-time critical data enabling swift decision making to ensure you stay on target and within budget

Quick access to data upholds delivery excellence

Less time spent tracking down lab results means more time to focus on patient care. Thanks to the intuitive interface, site staff can quickly and easily:


  • Recognize new reports that require immediate action and access past reports
  • Distinguish reports that contain exclusions or alerts, ensuring patient safety and keeping patient enrollment on track
  • Print multiple reports at once to save time and make quicker decisions

Timely insights to shape outcomes

Real-time availability of results for you and your investigator sites puts critical data in your hands faster, enabling swift decision making to ensure you stay on target and within budget.