State-of-the-art Clinical Laboratory Services

A tour of our laboratory expansion in Livingston, Scotland

Recently expanded to nearly 165,000-square-feet, our state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with a broad spectrum of enhanced scientific solutions for genomics, flow cytometry, translational science, and central laboratories that are dedicated to supporting biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical clients around the world.


Enhancements in next-generation genetic sequencing capabilities increases our ability to identify appropriate patients and patient populations, in addition to expanding cutting-edge flow cytometry technologies to monitor treatment responses to modern personalized medicine therapies, combining to provide highly complex integrated data solutions for trial success.


No matter the scope or complexity of the challenge at hand, Q2 Solutions is ready to help develop a solution.  We are committed to our mission of treating each sample as if a life depends on it and turning patients’ hope into help they need.