Choosing HRMS vs LBA for Bioanalysis

Presented by Adriane Spytko, Associate Director – LCMS Biologics, during the 2023 AAPS Summer Scientific Forum

There is an increase in the complexity of drug modalities along with the need for more sensitive methods.  Immunoassays, while often chosen as the first platform to utilize for assessing pharmacokinetics of biologics, are entirely dependent on critical reagents. Multi-dimensional low-flow chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry can be advantageous for instances where a high degree of sensitivity or greater selectivity is required, or when higher quality critical reagents are not available.


Learning Objectives:

  • When to choose LCMS over LBA for bioanalysis considering the availability of critical reagents and the need for sensitivity and selectivity
  • Understanding the advantages of multi-dimensional LC/HRMS in the context of regulated bioanalysis
  • Takeaways from case studies showing the advantages of LCMS over LBA where greater sensitivity or selectivity was needed