LC-HRMS for Quantitative Bioanalysis in the Regulated Contract Research Laboratory

Presentation from 11th Workshop on Recent Issues in Bioanalysis, April 6, 2017

Presented at 11th WRIB 2017, this presentation provides insights into small molecule pharmacokinetic and small molecule biomarkers assays. Download the presentation to find out about Q2 Solutions’ complete bioanalytical and ADME solutions for testing around the globe and across the product development spectrum. We combine knowledge from the collective services provided by our central labs, bioanalytical and ADME labs network, as well as integration into global early clinical Phase I unit.

Learn more about how we can put our tailored solutions, delivery excellence, and shaping outcomes to work for you in LC-HRMS and high resolution mass spectrometry.

Barry Jones, Ph.D., Associate Director, LCMS Biologics and Biomarkers