The Journey from Discovery to Therapy Begins with a Single Cell

Webinar with 10x Genomics

The path from research discovery to effective immune cell therapies requires innovative approaches to match the challenges we face. Examining the full richness of biological complexity moving from incremental snapshots to a complete systems view can uncover molecular insights into therapeutic efficacy and toxicity, and accelerate the development of novel treatments.


Q2 Solutions and 10x Genomics have collaborated to evaluate collection, transportation, and processing of blood samples while maintaining sample quality for single cell RNA sequencing. Q2 Solutions have established a robust and high throughput workflow, which utilizes the 10x Genomics Chromium system for processing PBMC cells for single cell RNA sequencing to enable quality testing and support for global clinical studies.



In this presentation you will learn:

  • How to access the resolution you need to explore complex tumor heterogeneity, suppressive tumor microenvironments, poor trafficking, and intrinsic T-cell dysfunction with single cell and spatial multiomics.
  • How to identify novel cell types and biomarkers, track clonal behavior, and monitor the behavior of cells over time.
  • About Q2 Solutions global laboratory network capabilities, logistics and regulatory compliance, and Bioinformatics Quality Assurance processes.
  • About robust workflow that Q2 Solutions genomics team has developed to enable consistent testing of PBMC samples at a high-throughput and how this workflow, combined with the laboratory sample collection and processing network, enables the support of global clinical studies for single cell RNA sequencing.



  • Stephen Hague, Managing Lead Science & Technology Advisor EMEA, 10x Genomics
  • Joseph Modarelli, Staff Scientist, Assay Development, Q2 Solutions