A Global Network to Empower Leaner Oncology Clinical Trials: Unlocking the Potential of Local Genomic Biomarker Testing in Europe

In this presentation, Q2 Solutions and Illumina discuss key strategies for European oncology clinical trials and the benefits of a global laboratory network for genomic biomarker testing. You will learn the science behind comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP), its advantages and the emergence of key oncology biomarkers that are acting to disrupt the CDx testing landscape. Presenters uncover the role that Illumina and Q2 Solutions play in building a global laboratory network to support local testing for oncology precision medicine trials. In addition, they explore how this model accelerates timelines and removes common complications observed during biomarker translation and clinical trial testing. Lastly, you will gain insights on the roadmap for Q2 Solution’s Edinburgh laboratory and the full suite of cutting-edge genomic solutions they provide.

Presentation slides available for download. You may also Watch On Demand.


  • Patrick Hurban, Ph.D., Senior Director and Global Head, Translational Genomics, Q2 Solutions
  • Bert De Boer, Sr. Manager, Sales Specialists, Clinical Sales, EMEA, Illumina
  • Megan Townsend, Business Development Analyst, CDx Partnering, EMEA, Illumina