A Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Approach to Influenza Vaccine Development

NGS influenza typing assay for vaccine and therapeutic development

Speakers: Wayne R. Hogrefe, Ph.D. and Patrick Hurban, Ph.D.

Vaccine design and therapeutic modalities are rapidly evolving. This webinar presentation provides a brief overview of influenza vaccine development from eggs to recombinant proteins, followed by an introduction to a sequence-based typing method of influenza strains and the advantages of a next generation sequencing (NGS) approach. Then, we discuss how our NGS influenza typing assay can be leveraged to facilitate vaccine and therapeutic development, and how it can provide further insight into the molecular evolution of the influenza virus.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Gain understanding of the evolution of Influenza vaccine development
  • Discover how our NGS assay fits into data requirements for vaccine efficacy
  • Learn how the assay can be used for future vaccine design, therapeutics, and influenza natural history

Download our webcast presentation or watch on demand.