Spectral Cytometry; a Robust Platform for Immune Monitoring and Biomarker Discovery in Clinical Trials

By Megan McCausland - Scientific Advisor, Flow Cytometry, Biomarker and Translational Science Laboratory
Presented at CYTO 2024, the 37th annual Congress of the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry, May 5-8, 2024

Explore how Spectral Flow Cytometry (SFC) revolutionizes immunophenotyping by capturing the full emission spectrum, enhancing resolution, sensitivity, and clinical applicability. Our research showcases standardized outputs across our extensive global fleet of instruments, ensuring cross-instrument and cross-site reproducibility in accordance with CLSI recommendations. Discover how standardized instruments achieve consistent population frequency and fluorescent intensity outputs, demonstrating the Cytek Aurora spectral flow cytometer's robustness for immune monitoring and biomarker discovery in clinical trials. 

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