The potential of applying Flow Cytometry as an IVD technology for CDx

In this episode, Megan McCausland, Scientific Advisor for Flow Cytometry at Q2 Solutions, and Scott Bornheimer, Associate Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs at BD Biosciences, discuss the enormous potential of flow cytometry as a clinical diagnostic tool.  Listen as Megan and Scott talk about:

  • Flow cytometry is widely used in exploratory studies and also has attributes distinct from IHC or molecular methods in identifying useful patient selection biomarkers
  • Flow cytometry can be set up in a standardized manner in clinical settings and harmonized across global sites
  • Pharma is requesting assistance with clinical trial assays with the potential for a CDx path, triggering collaboration between Pharma, CRO, and IVD companies

Megan McCausland also points out what will ultimately lead to the use of flow as a CDx in the future: “I think the drug development landscape really continues to evolve towards more personalized medicine. As this happens, biomarkers and their potential translation into companion diagnostics are playing an ever-increasingly important role. The regulatory bodies are pushing, perhaps even expecting, this co-development of biomarkers and treatments with CDx really becoming vital to regulatory approval and clinical use.”


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