Flexible Approaches for Biotech Companies in Clinical Trials

Small biotech companies have different clinical trials needs than larger sponsors. Biotech companies often have fewer staff members covering more roles with less specialization, and are developing novel therapeutics with highly specialized and sometimes unique laboratory testing requirements. They also tend to be very agile in their approach. As development for a therapeutic progresses through clinical trials, a biotech customer may pivot their strategy for product development based on feedback from regulators and various shifts in the marketplace.


From a central lab perspective, Q2 Solutions supports and understands the needs of companies both large and small. Our larger partners understand the services we can provide, while our biotech clients may need a more consultative approach. This may mean doing more to help manage various lab services on their behalf. This insight brief will cover these considerations as well as how Q2 Solutions Laboratory Network Solutions (LNS) can tap into and manage relationships with specialized third-party labs.



  • Alexander Watt, Global Head Biotech, Q2 Solutions
  • Mona Henderson, Director of Laboratory Network Solutions, Q2 Solutions


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