Translational Science and Innovation Laboratory (TSAIL)

Translational biomarker solutions to accelerate the adoption of assays into clinical trials though new technology evaluation and early biomarker discovery

In today's evolving, dynamic clinical development environment, central laboratories must adapt to meet the growing demand for early biomarker evaluation before advancement into clinical trials. Bringing biomarkers or novel technologies, into clinical research is becoming increasingly complex and often calls for exploratory biomarker research and new technology evaluation outside the regulatory confines of clinical trials.

At Q² Solutions, our dedicated, state-of-the-art Translational Science and Innovation Laboratory (TSAIL) is designed to address these challenges and provide the agility and breadth of translational science capabilities and expertise required to bridge the gap between preclinical and early clinical drug development and to introduce new biomarker-assays into clinical study.  Download this factsheet to learn more about Q² Solutions TSAIL services.