TruSight Oncology 500 (TSO500) Tissue Assay

The TruSight Oncology 500 (TSO500) for tissue assay employs a hybrid capture-based approach targeting 523 genes and leverages unique molecular indices to enable detection of low allele frequency SNVs, insertions-deletions (indels), CNVs, gene fusions and splice variants. This comprehensive cancer panel interrogates relevant cancer biomarkers with as little as 40 ng of DNA and 40 ng of RNA isolated from FFPE tissue. Beyond these variant types, TSO500 determines tumor mutational burden (TMB) and microsatellite instability (MSI) scores. Q2 Solutions can meet your profiling needs by leveraging trusted technology from Illumina® and our expert support team in combination with Genomic Centers in the US, China, Edinburgh, and Singapore.