Immunogenicity and immunology consultative services


ImmunXperts consultative services and training to support clients’ needs. We provide theoretical immunogenicity and immunology courses, protocol review and optimization, data analysis and interpretation, and hands-on training on the isolation and cryopreservation of PBMCs from whole blood.


Services Include:

  • In-house theoretical courses on immunology and immunogenicity and hands-on lab training
  • On-site technical support for customers interested in setting up their own immunology bioassays
  • Advise on the analysis and interpretation of generated data
  • Coaching of customers’ staff to implement strategies for immunology bioassay development and immunogenicity risk assessment and mitigation
  • Practical training on PBMC isolation and cryopreservation


Customized Cellular Assays

ImmunXperts can develop and validate custom cellular assays based on your specific needs. ImmunXperts has gained valuable experience in culturing cell lines and primary cells such as PBMCs, T cells, dendritic cells, NK cells and myeloid cells. We also offer expertise in other techniques and methods such as magnetic cell separation, flow cytometry and ELISpot.


Cell Sourcing Services

High-quality PBMCs that maintain their functionality are essential for good-performing bioassays. ImmunXperts maintains its own PBMC biobank and holds a Belgian Biobank license. We collaborate with carefully selected clinical units for a regular supply of blood from consented donors. Donor blood is processed according to SOPs that were developed based on long-term experience and have built-in controls for PBMC quality and functionality. Cell sourcing services are also available to our customers when insourcing our custom-developed assays.


PBMC Network Services

Isolation of high-quality PBMCs may be required during clinical trials to evaluate cell-mediated immune responses to treatment as an exploratory objective. ImmunXperts can assist with training regional/local laboratories in PBMC isolation and cryopreservation, according to your approved procedure. Training can be virtual and/or hands-on and include the organization and analysis of dry runs for qualifying operators prior to study sample collection.


Regulatory Support

ImmunXperts can support your interaction with the regulatory authorities. We can help interpret your immunological data, aid in writing submission documents and assist in meetings with the regulatory authorities.

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