ImmunXperts brings proven expertise in helping clients assess the immuno-functionality of lead candidates in immuno-oncology, auto-immunity, infection/inflammation, and cell and gene therapy. We help clients assess functionality and reduce risk prior to first-in-human administration. ImmunXperts has assisted drug developers in screening and selecting a wide range of promising candidates, including PD-1/PDL-1 and a wide range of first- and second-generation immune checkpoint inhibitors, advancing approximately 150 programs a year to the next phase of development.



Our immuno-functional services include:


T-cell Assays
  • Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction (MLR) assay
  • Antigen-specific (re-)activation assay
  • Treg suppression assay
  • Exhausted T-cell assays


Myeloid Cell Assays

  • Macrophage polarization and suppression assays
  • Macrophage activation assay
  • Macrophage inflammatory assay
  • ADCP assays


Killing Assays

  • PBMC killing assay
  • Pan T-cell killing assay
  • Neutrophil killing assay

NK Cell Assays
  • NK activation assay
  • ADCC assay
  • NK proliferation assay
  • Neutrophil assays

Neutrophil Activation Assays


DC Assays

  • DC activation/maturation assay
  • DCT Flurospot assays (direct ex vivo and enriched)