Cell therapy: devising a full clinical development plan

Laboratory assessments — from preclinical research through post-marketing surveillance — determine whether a cell-based therapy for cancer succeeds or fails.

Showcasing our IQVIA Connected Intelligence and joint expertise and capabilities, Q2 Solutions' Alan Wookey and IQVIA's Diego Correa were recently featured in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nature to share their thoughts on key components of a comprehensive clinical development plan for cell therapy clinical trials. 

In this paper, Alan and Diego discuss the important role complex laboratory assessments play, from preclinical research through post-market surveillance, in determining the likelihood of success for cell-based therapies for the treatment of cancer. Given the complexities of cell therapy development, Alan and Diego highlight how a thorough plan with collaboration among key expertise from IQVIA and Q2 Solutions, customized therapy-specific assays, harmonized oversight of intricate lab assessment timetables throughout the full trial lifecycle and more are keys to success.  

We encourage you to read the full paper here