David Kaye

BioFortis: a data-driven approach to streamlining clinical trial samples

Clinical trials can be envisioned as an ecosystem of laboratories, vendors, and biobanks knitted together by patient samples and data. Tracking patient samples and consent across this highly complex clinical trial network can be incredibly challenging. Studies, especially those pertaining to precision medicine, must manage specimens and associated data throughout their lifecycle, from initial patient consent to final delivery of formatted information. As such, consent tracking has become an indispensable functional layer that sits atop of sample management. In the past, it may have been relatively easy for study teams and data/specimen managers to keep track of ‘where’ samples are and ‘how many’ are in use. However, in today’s trial landscape, knowing what procedures can be executed against a sample across its clinical trial journey is beyond the scope of localized spreadsheets and homegrown tools. It is imperative that trials adopt a highly integrated approach toward Clinical Trial Sample and Consent Tracking (CTST) to support total sample lifecycle management.

This is where BioFortis, a Q2 Solutions company, is moving the needle. The company offers Labmatrix®, a web-based biobanking and CTST solution that provides a 360-degree view of biospecimen data across clinical trial phases and locations. Labmatrix® is a configurable CTST system that provides comprehensive sample lifecycle support for in-study sample and consent management and tracking, including next-generation biobanking and data mining.

The next-generation clinical and translational research management solution seamlessly facilitates the management and integration of patient, clinical, specimen, genetic, and molecular assay data. This eliminates impediments associated with managing biospecimen data that has historically brought about plenty of confusion within trials, costing time, money and hampering the timely entry of life-saving drugs and treatments to the market.