Q² Solutions Present State-of-the-Art Techniques for Bioanalytical Services at 16th Annual Workshop on Recent Issues in Bioanalysis

Through novel workflows and methodologies, expert teams enhance solutions for signature peptide selection and a promising cardiovascular disease biomarker.


RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – Q2 Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of IQVIA and a leading global clinical trial laboratory services organization, will present new data regarding several of its state-of-the-art techniques in bioanalytical services at the 16th annual Workshop on Recent Issues in Bioanalysis (WRIB) in Atlanta, GA, being held from September 26-30.


On Thursday, September 29, Q2 Solutions will present the following posters at WRIB, highlighting the expert team’s focus to provide highly-specialized services and solutions that optimize currently accepted bioanalytical methodologies and processes:

  • Poster 09: "A multiplexed LC-HRMS method development approach for simultaneous qualitative and quantitative bottom-up protein measurements" with Promega Corporation. As identification and selection of suitable signature peptides is a vital step in successfully establishing LC-MS/MS methods for bottom-up protein quantitation, Q2 Solutions will present its innovative workflow to exploiting the high-resolving power of HRMS to evaluate performance of candidate peptides in the context of experimental assay characteristics. The unique approach allowed for screening of all candidate peptides of a model therapeutic antibody at one time without the need for a priori optimization of MRM parameters, saving process time while improving quality.

  • Poster 11: "Ultrasensitive Quantitation of Intact Endogenous Atrial Natriuretic Peptide in Human Plasma using Multi-Dimensional Nano-LC and High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry" with Novartis Pharma AG. The standard measurement of atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP), a promising biomarker for cardiovascular disease, is typically performed by ELISA assays. Q2 Solutions will present a LC/MS approach its experts developed to achieve improved selectivity over ELISA assays while also providing the needed sensitivity for human plasma sample application that also meets bioanalytical standards.


“We are pleased to meet with industry colleagues at WRIB this year and participate in ongoing dialogue regarding emerging bioanalysis approaches to support successful drug discovery and development,” said Kevin Jones, Vice President and General Manager of Vaccines & Biosciences at Q2 Solutions. “It is important for us to share some key ways our highly-trained scientists are enabling our customers to make better decisions at various stages of the development process through leading-edge technologies and fine-tuned techniques.”


Along with participating in the poster session and various workshops throughout the week, Q2 Solutions is a sponsor of WRIB this year, and team members will be available at booth #19, along with Q2 Solutions’ companies Nexelis (booth #8) and Rules Based Medicine (booth #20), to connect and discuss the latest in bioanalysis.


About Q2 Solutions

Q2 Solutions is a leading global clinical trial laboratory services organization providing comprehensive testing, project management, supply chain, biorepository and specimen management, and clinical trial sample and consent tracking solutions. Leveraging our next generation technologies, we deliver agile and precise services designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We focus our innovative solutions and scientific expertise on ADME, bioanalytical, genomics, immunoassays testing, vaccines and central laboratory services, including flow cytometry, anatomic pathology, molecular and companion diagnostics, and decentralized clinical trials while providing meticulous regional and global clinical trial implementation support and high-quality data delivery. Our Translational Science and Innovation Laboratory (TSAIL) provides access to a broad range of resources, including a multidisciplinary approach to early-stage human biomarker discovery and clinical sample testing to help accelerate drug development.

At Q2 Solutions, our work is rooted in research, grounded in collaboration, and guided by our passion to turn the hope of patients and caregivers around the world into the help they need.