Q² Solutions Announces Deployment of Next Generation Flow Cytometry Services

Q2 Solutions Globally Deploys 30+ Color Flow Cytometry Capability

RTP, North Carolina, May 29, 2019 –– In an effort to continuously provide industry-leading laboratory testing solutions and cutting-edge technologies to drug developers and patients, Q2 Solutions has adopted next generation flow cytometry systems in its eight laboratories around the globe covering North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and China, through a multi-year collaboration with Cytek™Biosciences. Based on the novel implementation of coarse wavelength division multiplexing, the new Cytek Aurora systems provide more comprehensive and efficient flow cytometry panels than previously available for clinical trial laboratory testing. In addition, these new standardized high parameter systems provide a unique tool for discovery by monitoring the complex tumor microenvironment, studying autoimmunity, and tracking residual disease in a global central laboratory environment. Over the course of the next three years, Q2 Solutions will complete its global deployment of the Cytek Aurora systems, with assay development beginning in Q3 2019 and global deployment being completed in Q1 2020. 

According to Mark Edinger, Director of Scientific Affairs and Scientific Advisor for Flow Cytometry at Q2 Solutions, “Cytek’s advanced systems represent the first major technical advance in flow cytometry in the last 20 years. This breakthrough enables us to greatly enhance our capability to provide useful, unique, and highly complex data to our clients. In fact, with Cytek, we can produce data sets that otherwise would not exist. In terms of ease of deployment and use, cost, quality and color space, Cytek’s systems are currently the technological leader in the flow cytometry systems market.”

An established leader in flow cytometry, Q2 Solutions is in close collaboration with Cytek for the implementation of the new, Aurora systems containing the unique flow cytometry detection methods and technology. By adopting Cytek’s technology, Q2 Solutions firmly secures its position as the technological leader in the clinical trials space for flow cytometry: for the first time, a cost-efficient solution is available for standardized 30+ color assays on a global basis to support clinical trials. This new service will allow Q2 Solutions to meet the growing demand for global enhanced discovery capabilities and the subsequent complex and comprehensive data sets required for drug development. 

According to Dr. Patrice Hugo, Chief Scientific Officer for Q2 Solutions, “The implementation of enhanced flow cytometry services is part of a key initiative by our company to invest significantly in cutting-edge technologies to deploy comprehensive laboratory testing solutions to support the development of innovative immuno-oncology therapeutics”.

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